Cortes Immigration

Bruno Pelegrini

I always had the dream of living in the United States, I made the difficult decision to leave Brazil at a time when my life was great, with a good job and my achievements. However, there was still something missing, which was to live in the United States. I was given a temporary job opportunity and when I arrived, I began to study opportunities to reside, researched some Immigration Attorneys, and I was recommended Fernanda Cortes, Esq. When she talked about the possibility of a green card, I was very anxious, because it was something beyond what I could imagine to be possible. We had some meetings for her to know my profile, some by video call and others by phone, this made me very comfortable. Fernanda Cortes always clarified the steps of the process, always very transparent with the cost. Cortes Immigration office has professionals from different segments with knowledge in the subject, this helped a lot. There were times when I received a notification in the application, and I questioned Fernanda Cortes and she promptly clarified me, and explained what measures we should take. I know it was a very difficult decision for the time of the process, but I had an excellent experience with Fernanda and the entire team of Cortes Immigration, it was worth the whole process and time invested.