Cortes Immigration

Hendra Mahendra

I am Hendra Mahendra; my wife and I came to the United States for the purpose of applying for Permanent Residency under the EB-2 NIW in 2022. Prior to immigrating to the U.S., I had served as an Airline Captain with experience in Training Department on Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 for some of the world’s major Airlines. Through extensive research and recommendations from reputable individuals whom I know at personal and professional level, I contacted Attorney Fernanda Cortes of Cortes Immigration in April 2022. In the very same week of my Initial Contact, Attorney Cortes arranged an online meeting, and in the weeks that followed, Attorney Cortes and her attentive and professional team of attorneys put together a platform on which I upload all my professional credentials and resume appropriate to the field of EB-2 NIW that I sought to apply. During this process, Cortes Immigration Law Firm guided us every step of the way to frame all my credentials and experience in the best possible way, including but not limited to providing professional teams to put together those credentials in a very presentable way to be submitted to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The team of attorneys responded to any inquiries relating to this application in a timely manner. My case was submitted in July of 2022. By September of 2022 my wife and I received our Employment Authorization Document and Social Security Number, and by November 2022, 4 months after my package had been submitted, our EB-2 NIW was approved by the U.S. Government. Since September 2022, less than 2 months after my package was submitted, I have been serving the United States Aviation Industry as Airbus A330 Training Program Manager for a U.S Carrier. These are testament to Professionalism and Attention to details of Cortes Immigration team in paving our way to reach our American Dreams with prior experience and skill sets for the appropriate National Interest Waiver that we applied for. I would recommend any person with immigration goal to the U.S. to reach out to Cortes Immigration. One of the best professional decisions and investment me and my wife have ever made was to engage Cortes Immigration for our U.S. Immigration Goal.